Gotta Be Tough in Texas
Author Gerri Jiménez – Illustrator Mik Jiménez
Gotta Be Tough in Texas Book


A colorful tale about what developed after an ominous, angry visitor appeared on a doorstep one morning, leading to a lesson about being tough in Texas, and expecting the unexpected.
We learn that challenges in life are many, and we have to ‘cowboy up’ in order to face them.  But a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either!



About the Author:

Gerri Jimenez lives in Abilene, Texas, with her husband, Mario. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Abilene to attend Abilene Christian College (now Abilene Christian University).  After graduation, her background and interests eventually led her to a career working for the State of Texas, from which she retired in 2008.  After retirement, she dedicated much of her time to writing, and over the years has won some prizes for her efforts.  Many of her stories reflect aspects of life in Texas, since her heart lives there now, along with her children and grandchildren.

About the Illustrator:

Mik Jiménez lives in Mineral Wells, Texas, with his wife Dannette.  He has loved art and creating works of art since he was young and growing up in Abilene, Texas.  His art teacher during his teens, Mrs. Presswood, guided and encouraged him and gave him free rein to develop his talents. He studied for a short time at Abilene Christian University, then set out on his own to develop his career.   He was hired by Dion’s of Texas and served as art director there for over ten years, many of those years at their location in Shamrock, Texas.  He and his family then moved to Mineral Wells, Texas, where he works as graphic art director for TLS Sportswear.  He has done freelance work throughout his career, and continues in various freelance projects.